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released March 13


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(Updated November 29, 2019)

The purpose of this site is to help CNC and other metalworking enthusiasts in their endeavors by providing quality, no-nonsense software and information.  Feel free to browse around and see what's here.

  The user's forum has been moved from Yahoo to; as Yahoo is shutting down the "live" aspects of the forums.

  All files, messages, and photos have been migrated as of November 29, 2019.

  Version 4.0 beta of ACE Converter has been pulled for the time being pending some fixes.

Watch the ACE page for updates.

  I've posted a video of TurboCNC version 4.01 cutting a lathe part with four tools, including threading.  It's a little threaded spacer plug for a sonar manufacturer.

  The TurboCNC User's manual is now online.  It's 5M with the pictures, 1M without so be patient if you're (still?) on dial-up.

  Starting out?  Look at the Beginner's guide to CNC conversion article.  This is the presentation I gave at NAMES in April 2003. For folks just getting their feet wet, it's an excellent reference.

  Ron Steele is selling these great sets of plans for a full CNC conversion of the Harbor Freight Mini-Mill.  For the extra busy individual (or maybe just lazy), he also sells a full kit that you can just assemble onto your machine.

  Have a peek at the TurboCNC gallery with some of the best parts made with the software.  I'm always looking for new submissions, so email one if you've made something you're proud of.  

Old versions of the program are in in the archive.

Using a 2D mill and manual Z axis with 3D software?  Check out the Zbreak utility to insert the correct stop codes into your g-code programs automatically.




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This page last updated on November 29, 2019 . 


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